007_Municipality of Caorso torna alla ricerca

LOCATION: West of Caorso (45° 2’ 57” 84N 09°52’19”56E), at an average of 45-48 metres above sea level, sub-level area with an inclination of about 1-2%, infrastructural assets A21 (motorway)-SP10 (provincial road); PC-CR railway network to the South; first aquifer depth at 2-3 metres from soil level

ACCESSIBILITYAND SERVICES: connection to Caorso tollgate of A21 TURIN-BRESCIA motorway (10 km); nearest logistic centre situated in Piacenza, Le Mose (5 km)

INFRASTRUCTURAL SERVICES: participation in the implementation of a new roadway axis linking SS587 (main road) to the area, as well as in the upgrading of SP10 (provincial road); expansion of the road network inside the area; upgrading of technological networks (sewerage, water supply and purification plant networks)

CURRENT PLANNING RULES AND REGULATIONS: Municipal Structural Plan (PSC) approved in 2012 (variation in July 2015)

UTILITIES: water, gas, electricity supply networks, drainage system (mixed storm and waste water), connection to water purification plant

GOALS: Creation of a new production centre with interventions basically aimed at completing existing production areas; transformation of the area into an APEA (Ecologically Equipped Production Area); upgrading of existing road network; expansion of service areas; plan of sustainable mobility; promotion of energy saving solutions; as to functions, the construction of properties is provided for production uses for at least 55% and for recreational uses up to a maximum of 45%

INTERVENTIONS OF TRANSFORMATION: preservation of the standards of an equipped ecological area; use of alternative energy sources; the use of demolition materials is promoted; the use of mitigation elements, such as native trees planting, will have to be planned; construction in accordance with existing buildings is favoured; realization of a railway link with the new production area