014_Municipality of Carpaneto Piacentino torna alla ricerca

LOCATION: East of Carpaneto (44°54’58”32 N 09°47’25”08 E), at an average of 114 metres above sea level, plain area with an inclination by 5%, infrastructural assets SP 6 (provincial road); first aquifer depth at 4-6 metres from soil level

ACCESSIBILITYAND SERVICES: connection to Fiorenzuola D’Arda tollgate of A1 MILANO-NAPOLI motorway (>10 km); nearest logistic centre situated in Piacenza, Le Mose (>10 km)

INFRASTRUCTURAL SERVICES: development of a territorial infrastructural network, also thanks to the foreseen building of the new bypass road; implementation of a roadway axis linking the new bypass to the production area; implementation of cycling lanes and pedestrian ways linking the new area with the main city centre and the main public services; upgrading of the road network inside the area; the existing cycling lanes and pedestrian ways, located North and South of the existing production areas, will have to be extended in order to connect the production centre to the main city; the drainage system will have to provide for the separation of storm and waste water; connection to the municipal drainage system and transfer to the water purification plant will have to be previously checked by authority, whose authorisation regarding the capacity of treatment of the waste water produced will be legally binding for the execution of any plan; external areas will have to be equipped with appropriate drainage system, with mechanisms able to manage first rain water, under the DGR n.286/2005 (law); a major demand for water will cause a major use of underground water, so saving, reusing and recycling policies will have to be promoted; some areas will have to be destined to differentiated waste collection and to recycling urban solid waste; network connection to main public services, also through the realization of cycling lanes and pedestrian ways

CURRENT PLANNING RULES AND REGULATIONS: Municipal Structural Plan (PSC) approved in 2013

UTILITIES: water, gas, electricity supply networks, drainage system (mixed storm and waste water), connection to water purification plant

GOALS: expansion of production; promotion of the extra-municipal role of the production sector, creating positive effects in terms of territorial visibility and relevance in the local production sector; implementation of a requalifying process for ecologically equipped areas; upgrading of the provincial infrastructural network, along with simultaneous expansion interventions; certification of the volumetric concentration after existing production plants; concentration of public green areas along the waterways and in predominantly residential areas, creating parks equipped with facilities, in accordance with existing urban open spaces; participation in the naturalisation process of waterways; improvement of the urban image deriving from existing production activities; enhancement of internal road network

INTERVENTIONS OF TRANSFORMATION: the new production activities will have to plan the setting up of covering perimeters planted with native trees, as well as of human works of greater impact, so as to better fit with the landscape; the use of alternative energy sources is encouraged; the use of demolition materials is promoted in the realization of new buildings and new road infrastructures; new measures and devices for the reduction of acoustic emissions will have to be activated, according to the indications established by the acoustic zoning plan; moreover, sound-absorbing barriers will have to be set, when necessary, in order to protect sensitive areas; external areas destined to parking will have to provide for solutions designed not to limit soil permeability; measures and devices for the reduction of polluting emissions and for the use of best technologies in production processes will have to be implemented; air quality will have to be regularly monitored; collection systems and treatment of first rain water for production areas will have to be planned