016_Municipality of Fiorenzuola D'Arda torna alla ricerca

LOCATION: North of Fiorenzuola (44°55’22”80 N 09°54’36”00 E), at an average of 80 metres above sea level, plain area with an inclination by 1%; infrastructural assets SP462R (provincial road); first aquifer depth at 2-5 metres from soil level

ACCESSIBILITYAND SERVICES: connection to Fiorenzuola D’Arda tollgate of A1 MILANO-NAPOLI motorway (1-5 km); nearest logistic centre situated in Piacenza, Le Mose (>10 km)

INFRASTRUCTURAL SERVICES: a ring running along the perimeter of the entire area is the only road access to the area, linking it to other industrial activities through provincial road network. Thus the principle of reducing crossings with provincial main roads is pursued, though maintaining road traffic inside the area unaltered. The local road network will be completed with tall trees, in order to recreate an avenue-like structure, favouring their placement on Eastern-Western axis.

CURRENT PLANNING RULES AND REGULATIONS: Municipal Structural Plan (PSC) approved in December 2010_PTCP with further specific territorial agreement between the municipalities of Fiorenzuola d'Arda and Cortemaggiore

UTILITIES: electricity supply network, connection to water purification plant

GOALS: physical and dimensional completion of production activities, through an overall area rearrangement plan. Such area will be effected as APEA (Ecologically Equipped Production Area). Areas specialized in production activities can be considered as ecological areas when they are equipped with infrastructures, services and systems which can guarantee high standard performances as to health, environment and safety protection; contribution to an implementation of the provincial Ecological Network

INTERVENTIONS OF TRASFORMATION: perimetric definition of the areas corresponding to soil lines which belong to territorial assessment as a consequence of historical events; southern delimitation of a green corridor connecting tollgate to areas dedicated to a river park; public space inside the area is implemented through the acquisition of those areas required for infrastructure activities; residual share, due by law and by compensative measures estimated by municipality, is provided for the achievement of urban quality objectives. Building will have to be well within lot borders in order to create corridors of visual permeability in East-West direction. Rebalancing areas are also expected