018_Municipality of Fiorenzuola D'Arda torna alla ricerca

LOCATION: North of Fiorenzuola (44°55’22”80 N 09°54’36”00 E), at an average of 80 metres above sea level, plain area with an inclination by 1%; infrastructural assets A1 (motorway) and TAV (High Speed Railway); first aquifer depth at 2-5 metres from soil level

ACCESSIBILITY AND SERVICES: connection to Fiorenzuola D’Arda tollgate of A1 MILANO-NAPOLI motorway (1-5 km); nearest logistic centre situated in Piacenza, Le Mose (>10 km)

INFRASTRUCTURAL SERVICES: expansion of road network in a bordering area, maintaining the existing one though

CURRENT PLANNING RULES AND REGULATIONS: Municipal structural plan (PSC) approved in December 2010

UTILITIES: electricity supply, connection to water purification plant

GOALS: enabling delocalization of already existing local businesses producing aggregate composites

INTERVENTIONS OF TRANSFORMATION: public space inside the area is implemented through the acquisition of those areas required for infrastructure activities; residual share, due by law and by compensative measures estimated by municipality, is provided for the achievement of urban quality objectives; properties will have to be within TAV network (High Speed Railway) code bands, and will therefore have to be small-sized, and only aimed at aggregate composites processing