042_Municipality of Sarmato torna alla ricerca

LOCATION: North-East of Sarmato (45°3’28”44 N 09°29’36”24 E), at an average of 65 metres above sea level, sub-level area with an inclination by 2-3%; infrastructural assets SP10 (provincial road) and Turin-Piacenza railway network; first aquifer depth at 2-5 metres from soil level

ACCESSIBILITYAND SERVICES: connection to Castel San Giovanni tollgate of A21 Turin-Brescia motorway (10 km); nearest logistic centre situated in Piacenza, Le Mose (>10 km)

INFRASTRUCTURAL SERVICES: Set up the planning of the Eastern ring road of Castel San Giovanni; implementation, completion and extension of Piacenza Southern ring road up to SP10 (provincial road) and motorway junction; implementation of provincial Ecological Network

CURRENT PLANNING RULES AND REGULATIONS: PRG (general regulation plan) approved in 1990

UTILITIES: water, gas, electricity supply networks and drainage system still in progress

GOALS: creation of a town and extra-municipal production centre and transformation into APEA (Ecologically Equipped Production Area), at the workplace of production; there’s an environmental programme reporting the following goals: electrical and magnetic fields and vibrations will have to be minimized; soil will have to be protected; intervention in accordance with existing landscape; hydraulic overload to be avoided; creation of an appropriate system of meteoric waters management; promotion of energy saving procedures; polluting waste and greenhouse gas emissions will have to be minimized; there’s also a monitoring plan rough draft; environmental programme and monitoring plan will have to be updated every three-five years; as to functions, logistics is not allowed

INTERVENTIONS OF TRASFORMATION: code bands of electrodes are expected; suitable measures for acoustic mitigation will have to be foreseen; soil investigation before executive phase will have to be promoted; the use of demolition materials will have to be favoured; the use of mitigation elements (such as tree planting in parking areas) will have to be planned; nearby ZPS (special protection area) habitat (lagoon basins) will have to be preserved; connection with municipal waterworks and with all utilities have to be planned; the building of alternative energy plants is encouraged; optimization of energy management systems is promoted; cycling lanes and pedestrian ways will have to be implemented; a detailed monitoring plan is to be foreseen