044_Municipality of Gragnano Trebbiense torna alla ricerca

LOCATION: North-East of Gragnano (45°2’02”05 N 09°35’28”09 E), at an average of 72.5 metres above sea level, sub-level area with an inclination by 1-2%; infrastructural assets Piacenza Southern ring road SP7 (provincial road); first aquifer depth at 60 metres above sea level

ACCESSIBILITYAND SERVICES: connection to Piacenza tollgate A21 of Turin-Brescia motorway (5-10 km); nearest logistic centre situated in Piacenza, Le Mose (>10 km)

INFRASTRUCTURAL SERVICES: a new roundabout towards the ring road out of Gragnano Trebbiense is planned

CURRENT PLANNING RULES AND REGULATIONS: Municipal Structural Plan (PSC) approved in 2011 - POC (Municipal Operative Plan) of February 2014

UTILITIES: tilities are not present in the lot, but bordering areas are doted with water, gas, electricity supply networks, drainage system (mixed storm and waste water), and connection to water purification plant

GOALS: potential expansion in an area neighbouring the existing craft area at Colombarola; main functions which are likely to be established there concern production and craftsmanship. Further functions open to settlement concern the commercial sector, beside services linked with production and manufacture activities

INTERVENTIONS OF TRASFORMATION: any intervention of transformation is regulated by Municipal Operative Plan (POC), but not legally binding