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Malcantone fronte autostrada vari lotti


Area name

Malcantone Fronte Autostrada Lotto Unico

Owner/managing body

Impresa Cogni S.p.A


Name Surname:

Dott.ssa Carla Cogni





Localization (Municipality)

Northeast of Piacenza Highway-Facing (45°03'15.3"N 9°43'21.7"E), average elevation 61.00 meters above sea level, sub-flat area with a slope within 1-2‰; infrastructure axes A21, A1, SS10, SS9, and railway network MI-BO, BS-TO, BO-GE; depth of the first water table at 47.00 meters above sea level.


Infrastructures and services (highway exits, railway stations, terminals, logistic hubs)

Link to the Piacenza toll booth of the A21 TORINO-BRESCIA and A1 Autostrada del Sole (2.5 km); nearest logistics center located in Piacenza, Le Mose (5 km). The agreement does not include infrastructure provisions; the area is very close to the Piacenza Sud toll booth, the railway station, the historic center, and the future river port on the Po River.

In force urbanistic instrument (Psc, Prg….)

PSC adopted in 2014


Electrical grid, water supply network, gas network, sewage system (mixed black and grey water), fiber optic network, connection to the purification plant.

Targets (if included in plans or agreements)

Creation of a Municipal Production Hub; feasible functions: productive craftsmanship and industry, storage and warehouses (logistics), agri-food production facilities, retail trade, wholesale trade, leisure equipment, nightclubs; increase in service areas; provision for sustainable mobility; energy-saving incentives; concerning functions, commercial includes both retail and wholesale trade, while recreational refers to the establishment of leisure equipment, excluding unhealthy industries of 1st class as per Article 216 RD 1265/34 (T.ULL.SS.) defined by Health Ministry Decree 5/9/94. The submission of the Development Plan requires a screening procedure to demonstrate that the intended industrial activity does not fall under the aforementioned unhealthy industries and does not harm residents. Total subdivision area 54,630 square meters: currently, only one lot of 22,648 square meters is available, divisible into three lots with the following dimensions: 3,120 square meters; 7,100 square meters; 12,428 square meters. On the available area, it is possible to build a total of 9,022 square meters of productive space (buildable area of the warehouses on the ground floor) and 4,303 square meters of offices (first floor of said warehouses).

Transformation interventions (if provided)

Use of alternative energy sources; incentives for the use of recycled materials; provision for mitigation elements, such as native plantings; construction in continuity with the existing infrastructure.




Total territorial surface (St)

Fino a 22.648 mq.

Building index


Gross useful area

Up to 9,022 m2 + up to 4,303 m2 permissible on the first floor for office space.

Functions to be settled

productive industrial, manufacturing, craftsmanship, storage/warehouse (logistics), agri-food production, commercial, recreational, nightclub


It only requires a building permit for the establishment on the individual lot.


The contribution related to the construction cost is not due for new construction production interventions.

Malcantone Highway-Facing Multiple Lots