6 Reasons to Invest in Piacenza

A Strategic position

Being situated right in the middle of the industrial North of Italy, Piacenza is favoured by a strategic position and by absolutely exceptional infrastructural facilities


An industrial network with a wide range of partners for sub-supplies

Qualified human resources

A large training offer is in a position to provide qualified human resources at a technical, administrative and commercial level

Tradition & Innovation

Piacenza is well-known as an important mechatronics and power production centre. The idea of a ‘Smart Factory’ was born here in the ‘70s



They chose Piacenza

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Productive areas available

SOUTH26 results EAST17 results PIACENZA12 results WEST7 results

Invest in Piacenza

Investinpiacenza.com is a Confindustria Piacenza territorial marketing initiative.

Investinpiacenza.com gives a rapid and complete view about the availability of industrial areas in the district of Piacenza.

Investinpiacenza.com aims to promote the knowledge of an uncongested territory, which is a link between the most industrialized areas in Northern Italy, where the traditional focus about quality of life reflects on the excellence of manufacturing.

Investinpiacenza.com is made by entrepreneurs who believe in their territory and on its potentialities, and who think that the development of investments in the area, whether from Italy or from abroad, is a matter of interest for their own companies; and highly shared feeling among local Institutions too, which helps the growing of an “ecosystem” particularly favorable to the settlements of new industrial activities.