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In the heart of Europe, in the heart of the most industrialized area of Italy
In Emilia Romagna where the manufacturing skills
reach the highest levels of excellence

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* the proposed areas have been identified according to the following requirements: area > 10,000 square meters, areas with settlementpre-authorization or in already built-up context or, in any case, included in the urban planning law

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Why Piacenza


A1 and A21 give strategic access to all the Italian territory, connecting directly North to the South and  East to the West.

Industrial districts

Food valley, motor valley, ceramic district, oil & gas, design and fashion, industrial automation


Quantity and speed, high capacity guaranteed by the intermodal terminal and the high-speed line


The Ports of Genoa and La Spezia are less than 160 km away and have consolidated collaborations with the Piacenza area. Easily reachable are also the ports of Vado Ligure, Massa Carrara, Livorno and Ravenna

Business sectors

Invest in Piacenza

investinpiacenza.com offers at a glance a complete overview about the available areas for productive use in the province of Piacenza.

investinpiacenza.com aims at promoting the knowledge of an uncongested territory, a hinge between the most industrialized areas of Northern Italy, in which the traditional culture of attention to the qualitative aspects of life reflects in a manufacturing of excellence.

investinpiacenza.com has been created by entrepreneurs who invest and believe in their territory and its potential, and who believe that its harmonious development and the attraction of new investments, be them Italian or from abroad, are strategic for their own companies and for the whole local community. This value is shared by Institutions and local public Bodies, contributing to the creation of an "ecosystem" particularly favorable to the settlement of new industrial activities.

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